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PNN is the first Trendspotting AI® machine powered by AIHPC® cloud to help asset managers optimize portfolios for investment success.

About PNN

The first Trendspotting AI®

Predictive Neural Nets (PNN) - Predict long-term trends of assets (equity, ETF, mutual funds, cryptocurrency) by Trendspotting AI® for investment success.

-- Since its inception (2010 in Maryland USA), our team has been developing the intellectual property of PNN AI (methods, systems and the patent) in stealth mode. Recent adoption requests from institutional asset managers and investors indicate the significant financial values of the PNN ecosystem.

  • Mission - PNN offers AI-BigData-Cloud (ABC) solutions to "the Market is Rigged!" and "How to Outperform Warren?"
  • Differentiation - a) Superb back-test and forward-test accuracy; b) rigorous investment process with AI and human intelligence; c) cross validation by relevant assets; d) Web and mobile interface - easy to use any time anywhere; e) PNN apps ecosystem; f) Automated big data collection, machine learning models building, models selection on accuracy, visualization, and cross validation.
  • Clients - Empower asset managers of financial institutions with AI-predicted insight to future asset prices.

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Our Flagship Product is PNN Charts for Managed Accounts - Trendspotting Top Tickers

PNN Table

What assets to buy/sell? The PNN Table ranks assets on a table with AI algorithms to help asset managers optimize investment allocations.


How to learn AIHPC? Use the AIHPC training book. Powered by AIHPC® cloud, PNN is an ABC (AI-BigData-Cloud) product to automatically train and validate deep learning models to predict trends of individual asset prices.


How to smarten share buyback programs (BBP)? The PBB app helps CEOs plan and optimize share buyback programs to improve EPS, P/E ratio, and share performance.

Wiley Book: rigorous investment research over twenty years

Read High-frequency Trading Models by a world-renowned publisher that summarizes the FinTech graduate teaching of a top university (JHU).

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For institutional investors, email pnn@yeswici.com to request PNN charts for investment success.