Big Data Modeling & Analytics

0. Visual summary for SAPE4: an investment use case

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Note: Pangu Servers are software (cloud-ready) and hardware servers that may power four levels of analytics (desc, content, pred, pres) on structured and unstructured data with Big Data technologies such as Apache Spark and Hadoop. Pangu Servers™ is a trademark of Yeswici LLC.

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11. Compare features of SAPE4-demo and SAPE4-SPS

Features SAPE4-demo SAPE4-SPS
1 Next-day auto-forecast? Yes Yes
2 Auto-Web-presenting? Yes Yes
3 Auto-forecast beyond next day? No Yes
4 Auto-modeling; auto-prediction; auto-validation? No Yes
5 Auto-charting email? No Yes
6 Expandable beyond VIX such as SPY? No Yes