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Mobile Cloud on Pangu Servers (MCPS)= mini(AWS + DropBox + Cloudera + SAS) + Portability + Interoperability for Cyber Defense, Investment, Insurance, Drones, Data Center, and Internet of Things
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MCPS Hadoop SaaS engine to quantify cyber risk with financial quant. models

MCPS Auto Causal Modeling (ACM) engine to uncover latent cyber risk causes for auto cyber defense.

What will be the price of AMZN, GOOG, AAPL, and FB a year from now? How valid are the predictions? Do you need a team of quants and traders to answer these questions?
Pangu Yoda Servers is the first supervised machine learning (ML) solution that automates data collection, model optimization, prediction, testing and reporting for quants, traders and CIOs — the first to automate advanced time-series modeling with population data to find the best model, and then back-test and forward-test its ML predictions and investment strategies. Contact:

Back-test reporting: automatically send daily report to chief investment officers of institutional investors; report on back-testing best investment models and asset pricing for the future (in days or years) of specific investment choice.
Sample forward test
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Note: Pangu Servers are software (AWS EC2-ready) and hardware servers that may power four levels of analytics (desc, content, pred, pres) on structured and unstructured data with Big Data technologies such as NLP, Apache Spark and Hadoop (e.g., Amazon EMR). Pangu Servers™ is a trademark of Yeswici LLC.

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